Are You Obsessed With Blogging?

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How many posts do you write in a week?

Less than 2
2 to 5

How many times do you check your stats in a day?

Three times
More than three times

What is the browser of your choice?

Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer
I don't know... I click the Internet Button. You know, the big 'E'.

Your blogging platform is...

Movable Type

Do you use AdSense?

What's AdSense?
Yeah, I put a big, bright yellow Leaderboard above my blog!

Your RSS reader has how many feeds?

What's RSS
Less than 50
Do I really have to count them all?

Why do you blog?

It's fun, and I want to share my thoughts.
Everyone else is doing it.
So everyone on the planet can read about what I do every day.

How do you write your posts?

I think up an idea, then I write it as fast as I can. If I think up a new idea, I hurriedly write another post.
I keep a notebook full of ideas
Whenever I come up with a new idea, I scribble it on a PostIt and stick it to my monitor.
I think for weeks until I think of an idea, then I post it and start thinking again.

Your blog template is...

One of Blogger's default templates
A unique design
A template I found on a Wordpress site.

What's Pi to the 5th decimal?

Hey! What does that have to do with blogging?

Technorati's rankings are determined by...

A top secret system
The amount of links your blog gets in five months
The amount of visitors your blog gets in five months
The amount of links your blog gets in six months

Do you monetize your blog with more than one ad network?

Yes, I try to
I don't monetize my blog
You can make money off a blog? Cool! I'm gonna be RICH!


Is King
Owes me my AdSense earnings
Needs to make their PageRank system more fair
All of the above

Of the below names, who is not a famous blogger?

Darren Rowse
John Chow
Matt Harzewski :D
Steve Jobs

YouTube is...

A place to find funny videos
A place to host my funny videos
A place to find videos to syndicate on my blog
A waste of time

How far do you go when advertising your blog?

I print business cards
I wear T Shirts advertising my blog
I email my friends
I leave comments on other blogs

Do you talk about blogging a lot?

Yes, everyone is always telling me to stop
I don't know anyone who understands what blogging is

How long have you been blogging?

Less than a year
One to two years
Two to three years
More than three years

What are social bookmarking sites best used for?

Finding things to link to, and promoting blog posts
Arguing with people

How many blogs about blogging do you read?

Just this blog
Just ProBlogger
Two to five