Monthly Archives: March 2009

Chevereto: A Free Image Hosting Script

Chevereto is an open-source image hosting script that could easily be used to create a service like ImageShack or TinyPic (providing you have a good server) or a smaller personal operation.

You can see a demo of the script here.

It looks pretty nice at a glance, and it could potentially be useful for a lot of people. If you hacked it a bit to require a logon to upload, it would make a nice personal image uploader for images you wish to hotlink somewhere else, such as forum signatures, photos in blog entries, etc.

I rather like the idea of a personal image host, though I don’t know what exactly I would do with one…

Introduction to PHP Output Buffering

DevTips has just introduced me, in a fairly recent article, to a PHP feature that I hadn’t been conciously aware of: Output Buffering. (Why hadn’t anybody told be about this before?) Without output buffering (the default), your HTML is sent to the browser in…

What You Must Know About the New Safari 4 Beta

My first post at NETTUTS was published a few days ago. What You Must Know About the New Safari 4 Beta is an overview of the beta of Apple’s latest browser release. The updated browser is lean and lightning fast, and it passes both…