Solar Theme for Ghost Blogs

Need a stylish new design for your Ghost blog? Looking for something that puts your content first, with an emphasis on reducing eye strain? Allow me to introduce my new theme (which is technically a port of the one I made for Jekyll), based on the Solarized color palette. It includes stylesheets for the default light-on-dark version, and for the alternate dark-on-light one.

Solar Theme for Ghost

The theme is responsive, with a little bit of  JavaScript that collapses the left navigation into a <select> box on mobile-sized displays. It supports both uploadable logos (which replace them text-based heading at the top) and cover images, which appear at the very top of the page. Your author bio and profile picture appear in the sidebar when viewing a post page, as well.

Installing the Theme

  1. Download it here (or clone it on GitHub)
  2. Upload the solar directory to your Ghost blog’s content/themes folder.
  3. Go to the Settings page of the Ghost backend and select solar from the Theme dropdown. Save the settings.

Be sure to edit the default.hbs template to add or remove any links you want in the navigation list. You’ll probably want to insert the link to your own Twitter profile instead of leaving it as mine, and maybe add your other social networking profiles.

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