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How to Bring Back “http://” in Firefox 7

Firefox 7 is out now, bringing with it much-welcome memory usage reductions and speed improvements. It has one annoying UI change, though: URLs in the address bar no longer have the “http://” protocol prefix. While that may be okay for casual users, it will annoy a lot of power users.

To fix it, just follow these steps:

  1. Open a new tab and type about:config into the address bar.
  2. Search for browser.urlbar.trimURLs
  3. Double click on the browser.urlbar.trimURLs key to change its boolean value from true to false.
  4. Close the tab and enjoy your unhidden URL protocols.

This is the second time in two versions Mozilla has made an unhelpful UI tweak. In Firefox 6 they added “domain highlighting,” which greys-out the URL text, while leaving the domain in darker lettering. Fortunately, it was just as easy to fix.

How to Import a Very Large SQL Dump with phpMyAdmin

Having trouble importing a large SQL dump through phpMyAdmin? This is a problem that often plagues users of shared web hosting, when they’re moving to a new host or restoring a backup. Since most shared hosting providers don’t offer shell access, you have to…

BlogBuzz September 24, 2011

Twitter to Wrap All Links with Starting in October

According to the Twitter developer documentation, Twitter plans to start wrapping all links with their shortener starting in October. Currently, only ones over a certain length are wrapped. So if you’re like me, and have a personal URL shortener that generated smaller links…

A Potential Windows 8 Caveat: Alternate Browsers in Metro

Microsoft has been showing off developer previews of Windows 8 lately, with it’s new multitouch “Metro” UI. The idea behind Metro is to have a tablet-friendly interface that boots quickly, with an option to switch into the traditional desktop interface. Metro apps, from what…

How to Add A Floating Social Media Widget Box to Your Blog

Now that most blogs are starting to pare-down their social media buttons and go with the dynamic widgets offered by the three or four largest social media sites, you’ve probably seen a few sites with a floating box that hovers along the left side,…

Prefixr: Cross-Browser CSS in Seconds

Many CSS3 attributes (e.g. border-radius) have long been implemented in various browsers with vendor prefixes, such as -moz and -webkit, which allow browser vendors to work on implementations of new features before the standard notation is set in stone. Remembering the different prefixes and…

BlogBuzz September 10, 2011

Reddit Becomes Reddit Inc.

Reddit is being spun-off from Condé Nast and will be a distinct corporation (Reddit Inc.) owned by Advance Publications, the conglomerate that owns Condé Nast. This means they’ll have a lot more control over things, as they will report back to their own board of…

Bootstrap: Twitter’s CSS Framework

Twitter has a new CSS framework, named Bootstrap, that they launched recently, which includes things like grids, custom form styles, tooltips and popovers, etc.. Bootstrap is a toolkit from Twitter designed to kickstart development of webapps and sites. It includes base CSS and HTML…