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StatDash: Statistics on Your WordPress Dashboard

Wouldn’t it be neat to have an at-a-glance display of common statistical information on your WordPress Dashboard? The StatDash plugin does exactly that, adding a customizable widget that shows stats from Google Analytics, Feedburner, Twitter and even your earnings from the Envato Marketplaces.

You can choose which of the services are displayed, as well as hide the chart if you wish to have the widget be a bit more compact.

StatDash is my first item to be released on Code Canyon. It’s priced at $8, and is GPL compliant of course.

BlogBuzz April 16, 2011

Try Ruby: A Clever Interactive Programming Tutorial

Teaching a newbie how to program is a difficult task, whether you’re writing a book, recording a screencast or teaching a class. Similarly, it’s a bit of a hassle for someone who is proficient with one or two languages to pick up a new…

How to Remove the Bookmark Toolbar Icons in Firefox 4

Prior to Firefox 4, the Mac version didn’t display favicons beside items on the Bookmarks Toolbar, unlike its Windows counterpart. I’ve become accustomed to this behavior, as it uses significantly less space. (I tend to use the Bookmarks Toolbar not just for frequently-used links…

Syncing Content With HTML5 Video or Audio

This is one of the coolest Smashing Magazine articles I have seen in awhile: Syncing Content With HTML5 Video. Using the generic HTLM5 video and audio elements and a bit of JavaScript, the timeupdate event in particular, you can synchronize script events to the…

BlogBuzz April 9, 2011

Twitter Web Intents

Twitter recently launched a new feature for integrating their service into your website. Web Intents automagically converts links to specific URLs into interactive dialogs, using the same widgets.js dependency as the retweet widget. You can create links to retweet, reply to or favorite messages,…

Extensions are the Source of Slow Firefox Startup

Firefox 4 has made the browser faster and much more responsive, but its startup time can still be a bit on the slow end. According to Mozilla, the root problem is definitely extensions. In a new blog post, they stated that on average each…

WordPress 3.1 Taking Up More Memory?

I’ve noticed on more than once website that, since upgrading to WordPress 3.1, frequent “memory exhausted” errors on Admin pages. It seems like a 32MB allotment just isn’t enough for a WordPress site with a few plugins anymore. Increasing the script memory limit in…

BlogBuzz April 2, 2011