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Pure CSS Blockquote Styling

Ever since the days of print, it has been common to style quotations and cover blurbs with oversized quotation marks floating along the left side. The practice is alive and well in the internet age, though the technique usually used is a background image.

It’s 2012, already! Why are we still relying on pictures of typographical symbols? Let’s do it with the power of CSS!

Let’s start with some simple HTML. Before we can style anything, we need to create our blockquote. While we’re at it, a cite element is a nice, semantic way to attribute the quote to its originator.

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Bootstrap Doesn’t Have to Look Like Bootstrap

Since Twitter released their Bootstrap CSS framework, there has been some backlash among web designers. It tends to be used fresh out of the proverbial box, without any modification, an awful lot. The snide remarks about Bootstrap are largely unfounded, though. While some people…

BlogBuzz April 14, 2012 A guide to preventing SQL injection

SQL injection: still one of the more common exploits against web applications, and yet it is one of the easier ones to guard against. Unfortunately, bad tutorials often teach newbie developers bad habits that enable injection attacks, rather than using more secure methods of…

How to Flip a Page Upside-Down with CSS

For April Fool’s Day this year, I decided to do an amusing CSS trick instead of my usual fake news story. I turned the entire web site on its head, using a simple CSS3 attribute, and added a bit of JavaScript to jump down…