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Ghost 0.4 Drops, Plugin API Slated for 0.5 Release

Ghost LogoVersion 0.4 of Ghost, the lightweight Node.js blogging platform, went live this month. Some of the more interesting features include support for static pages, a new way to quickly edit posts by appending /edit to the URL, support for date-based permalinks (e.g. /2014/01/25/example-post instead of /example-post), support for uploading SVG images, and the ability to put Ghost in a subdirectory.

With this update out of the way, we’re one closer to seeing the plugin API. That’s currently scheduled for version 0.5 (to be released sometime this spring).

The ability to extend Ghost is, in my opinion, what will make it a truly excellent platform. I really like the editor—which is reason enough to start using Ghost—but I can’t switch any of my sites over (not even my personal blog) until it’s possible for me to add in some features Ghost is missing. I do a bit of linkblogging on my personal blog (Daring Fireball style, with headlines that link to external sites), and Ghost doesn’t offer the ability to do that out of the box. I also have a couple posts on the blog that feature image galleries, originally with WordPress and later through my Jekyll plugin.

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