CyberToad Networks

CyberToad Networks is a free host that seems to be pretty good. They’re targeting their service at innovative people who are starting out-of-the-ordinary sites. They’ve been around for an amazing 10 years (as of June 2, 2007). Here are their current stats:

  • Up to 5 GB Space
  • 65 GB Bandwidth
  • cPanel
  • PHP Version 5.2.2
  • MySQL v5.0.27
  • phpMyAdmin
  • FTP and Web File Uploads
  • No Filesize Limits
  • Daily Backups
  • Traffic Reports
  • Custom Error Pages
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Lyle Goldman

    Actually, CyberToad Networks seems to have disappeared into thin air. As of almost a week ago, none of its domains (,, or seem to work any more!

  • Matt

    Well, their registration field stopped working awhile before that, I heard. Too bad, they seemed like a pretty good free host.

  • D

    They were wonderful. I was with them for over a year. But they recently disappeared with no warning and no email about any changes.

  • Matt

    That’s weird.

  • Manan

    even though they had too many restrictions it was a good host … and it is really weird after all the boasting by cybertoad about their uptime and all that they suddenly vanish …. support mails are bouncing back; none of their sites are opening; no warning no nothing … gone … all data stored on their servers gone along with them … not to mention if they ever come back … cybertoad will still be boasting saying it wasnt their fault some aliens attacked their servers or the secret service did something … be sure if they ever come back the explanation will be hilarious …

  • Matt

    I’m for the aliens.

  • CT

    They may be having godaddy issues, as I know godaddy where messing them about alot, i believe they may reappear shortly

  • blairie

    I used the paid hosting offered by AmzWeb (whom I believe to have been bought out by/ sold to Cybertoad according to Matt Tilson). I loved the service at first, but it went downhill after it was sold. They completely disappeared in September, and I’ve paid for hosting through April 2008 for two domains. I have never received an email with an explanation or an offer of a refund. If you google cybertoad, you’ll find a lot of info on her that matches up with “Cybertoad” on the clubhost forums.

  • Matt

    They should have at least refunded you, and given time to make backups.

  • Cybertoad

    To everyone who wrote here, I thank you for your comments. Who am I?

    I am the former owner and creator of Cybertoad Networks, Clubhost City, AMZ Web Hosting, U69, Z42, T-Web, After Dark Technologies, Spirallite, and many other internet hosting and related technology services.

    I am sorry that I have been offline for such a long while vanishing off the planet — an understatement!

    I spent much of the last two years in and out of hospitals fighting cancer, late stage IV, and was in a coma towards the bitter end due to a bad reaction to my chemo and then things suddenly turned around unexpectedly. The doctors woke me just before the 4th of July to find that the cancer was gone and the body has been since rebuilding back again faster than anyone's expectations. I am doing very well now and finally looking at
    returning to work once again and I am very much looking forward to it.

    When my health originally went down, a few of my employees supplemented by some of my closest friends remained loyal and tried to run the company in my absence. Unfortunately, they were not able to keep things going without my knowledge of some of the cutting edge technologies we employed. Just before things went for the worst and my medical bills going through the roof, I had no choice but to go ahead and sell what was left of the company and despite promises to me otherwise, the new owners simply shutdown everything and split up the remaining pieces of my former companies for their own profit which is something that really upset me but personally little I could do about any of it at the time.

    I am here to say that Cybertoad Networks will RETURN! Although it likely won't be called the same name
    anymore since I sold off those companies along with the trademarks, domains, and naming rights, I will be
    bringing the same service back bigger and better than it ever was! We were not only the longest running
    hosting community on the internet but we paved the way for many of the current technologies and policies
    currently enjoyed by all the other hosting services out there constantly pushing the threshold of what was new and innovative. The original company may be gone but I am the key that made Cybertoad Networks what
    it once was and I plan to give that edge to the next company I open — already in progress.

    I will try to get the word out best I can once the new company is launched — stay tuned!


  • Cybertoad

    To Blairie (above):

    I saw your comment before my post above and I do remember you well and enjoyed our chats. Regarding your "google" comment, the "Cybertoad" you refer to is another person who coincidentally lived in the same city as me and started using my handle a few years ago. I have spoken to her and her husband on a few occasions asking her to stop using that name but that is about the only contact I have had with the other Cybertoad (who didn't have anything to do with Cybertoad Networks or any of my companies).

    By the way, I am actually a "HE" not a "SHE" and I no longer live in Houston, Texas anymore. In fact, I now live in Washington D.C. and have been here every since Kazim went on vacation to Baltimore a few years ago. ;)


  • redwall_hp

    Thank you for stopping by and giving your status report. It is good to know that there are still some people committed to providing quality free hosting.

    And congratulations on the recovery.