Create a Business Card in Photoshop

Why pay someone to make business cards for you when you can do it yourself? All you need is Adobe Photoshop, a printer, and some cardstock (available at Staples or similar stores). This tutorial will teach you how to make a basic business card. This is by no means the only way, and you can alter the design any way you want. Just do whatever you think will look best. Let’s get started.

1. First, create a new document in Photoshop. It should have the settings below.

2. Now, you should have a blank canvas sitting in front of you. If you have a logo you want to use, go ahead and incorporate it. Otherwise you can whip something up now (or just use some other image relevant to the card). I’ll use a picture of an Apple Mac Pro, since I’m too lazy to make a logo. :) Whatever image you use, it needs to be converted to the same resolution as the card (300 dpi). To do that, open up the image and click Image > Image Size. If the resolution is not listed as 300, change it (and make sure the result looks fine). It may look a touch blurry if you zoom in a lot, but you can’t really tell until you print it out for the first time. Don’t worry about the size of the image, you can always use Free Transform (Ctrl+T) on it later.

3. Paste the logo or other image into your card document. Use Free Transform (Ctrl+T) to resize it to the proper size. Drag the logo over to the left of the canvas. It should look something like this.

4. Now get out your Text Tool. Set it for about 36pt and choose black as the color. Pick a font (I chose Diamond SF, which you may or may not have). Add the name of your company/website in nice big letters. I right-clicked the type and chose “Faux-Bold” to give the text a bit more power.

5. Now you can fill in some more information about your company/website. Use a more legible font like Garamond, Times New Roman, or Verdana. For a font size, use a smaller level (like 8-12pt). You should get something sort of like this:

6. The business card is starting to shape up nicely. You can stop adding stuff now and have a nice, clean-looking card, or you can continue to add more stuff to the card. For example, a semi-transparent Apple Logo would look nice.

7. Now the card is about finished. We need to make some final preparations, though. We need to put a small border around the edges of the image so we can cut the cards apart after they’re printed. Make a new layer (Ctrl-Shift-N) and hit Ctrl-A to select everything. Go Select > Modify > Border, and enter a value of 5 pixels. Hit enter. Now set your foreground color as black. Hit Shift-F5 and select “Foreground Color” from the dropdown. Press OK. You can now deselect with Ctrl-D. You should end up with something like this:

8. Go ahead and save your image. You have a few choices to print your cards. I think there’s an entry in the File> Automate menu that will print an image several times on one piece of paper. If not, then you can “Copy Merged” (Ctrl-Shift-C) and Paste the image several times into a new document (7.5 x 10 inches at 300 dpi). Arrange them and then print that document. I reccommend printing onto normal paper first to make sure everything is all right. If it works, load up the cardstock and print.

9. Use scissors or a paper cutter to slice the sheets into individual cards.

10 (because you can’t have a tutorial with only nine steps). Hand your nice new business cards out people, tack them up on bulletin boards, or whatever you do with business cards.

Well, that’s all folks! Business cards are a useful thing to have if you’re a website, an individual, or…well…a business. I have some cards for the websites I run, so I don’t have to find a pen and scrap of paper if someone wants to know the URL. I tack them up on bulleting boards too. :)

Happy Photoshopping!

Originally posted on April 18, 2007 on my old blog at

  • http://yahoo nompilo

    i think i wil b fine for now but wait till i try it

  • Evan

    Very nice tutorial. It helped me out quite a bit. 

  • benny

    I did create a business card with photoshop cs3 but i don’t know how to print it on one sheet of 10 business card. Can somebody help me out please.

  • Matt

    @benny, Create a new blank document of 7×10 inches (300 dpi), go back to the business card document, press Control/Command+A and then Ctrl/Cmnd+C. Then go and paste the image into the blank document. Then paste it in a few more times, arranged in neat rows if possible. Then you can print that sheet out and cut the cards out.

    • kristy

      Hey Matt I am at the same step, and I was able to copy and then paste to a new doc, but it is making my business cards bigger – I can only get one across and three down. What am I doing wrong?

  • benny

    hey thanks Matt, I’m very thankfull with you ,i did try to the way that you tell me but still didn’t work,but let me tell you one more thing; this is my first time trying to do this kind of job and I’m not familiar with photoshop,but anyway i will keep trying.
    there is any website the I can go and see step by step ?
    Thank you one more time.

  • Benny

    Also i have my business card saved as a PDF file but i dont know how to print on sheet of ten business cards.

  • Matt
  • benny

    hey Matt, i want to say thanks for your help, it was helpfully i did all ready.
    may ask some more question later about adobe software?
    also you can email me at
    ok , talk to you later.

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  • juan

    omg! now im a bussiness man!! lol!!!!!!!!

  • Dee

    Get a template of business cards from Microsoft word, delete out their design and save the soft gray crop marks. Then insert your business card into the template 10 times.

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  • Kat

    Thanks for posting this tutorial! It was very helpful.

  • David

    Thanks a lot . it was very very helpful.. :)

  • angie

    hey i may sound stupid but i have no idea how to do even get started?!? can somebody please take the time to walk me through it?

  • Aaron B

    This was most helpful. My wife needed to make more business cards and shes learning photoshop quickly so I came across this tutorial and was shocked at the simplicity of it. Thank you.

  • techiepark

    gr8 tutorial.. I’m a newbie to photoshop n was looking for such tutorials.. thanks

  • Hercules

    Perfect. Great tutorial, thanks.

  • Justin

    Bang! The basics were the thing I needed and is exactly what you offered here. I did it on CS2 and it was my first time ever using the program. So thanks a ton man. U just saved me some bank!

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  • Fresh BusinessCards

    Great tutorial you can also check my site to get free PSD business card templates

  • Pameluv

    That was very helpful but I had trouble putting the inches in the default because it kept changing and wouldn’t let put the settings you recommended, and all of my images were different. I am designing (or trying to) design a business card with both front and back…very difficult.

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    Since now days I am concern with the printing business often need to check the web for relevant web pages and I can say that you have shared one of the beneficial tutorial for those who are willing to make their own business cards.

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  • jeff

    I followed the whole instruction, but when I’m saving it, there’s no JPEG format. On what format will I save it so I can be able to print it? Thanks

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  • Janet

    I want to buy Photoshop to make some basic business cards.What is the lowest version that I can buy that will do the trick? If I buy like a Photoshop 8, does it have to have lower versions to run, or can I start at any level?

    • Matt

      Photoshop 8 would probably be sufficient, but it’s pretty old. I would recommend looking for a copy of Photoshop CS or Photoshop CS2. As the current version is CS5, you can find them for pretty cheap. I used Photoshop CS to make this tutorial, and it only cost $100-200 or so through eBay.

  • Omair

    Great, thanks. But if you are MacGeeks, why use a PC?

    • Matt

      I didn’t get my MacBook until the year after I wrote this. ;)

      I was still a bit of a Mac geek though, having been reading MacWorld and books on OS X for a few years prior.

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  • karthimx

    Great business card template. thanks for the info.

  • Ahsan

    Nice tutorial on the visiting card mate. I was searching for the right size of visiting card and I’m glad I landed on this one.

  • InDesign Tutorials

    That is very interesting, You’re a very professional blogger. I’ve joined your rss feed and look ahead to looking for more of your great post. Also, I’ve shared your website in my social networks

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    tutorial not the best but can use if you r a beginner. There is nothing about color settings everybody knows CMYK prints best quality and you used RGB

  • Sheila

    You rock! I knew it was possible to make a biz card and thought I needed a template but you made it so easy it was fun!

  • OhIRemember

    Thank you so much for the tutorial. I actually had many classes in PS a few years back but never utilized the skills after I graduated. I just needed a few cards until I got the big order so thought I’d create a few in PS. Totally went blank after opening the application. Text books are just too confusing. Your tutorial was great, once I went through the basic steps, many of the advanced processes started creeping back into my memory. Had fun and made some great looking cards.

  • bunny

    Thank you so much for the tutorial.

  • josh

    Great tutorial, very kind of you, thanks.

  • pari

    Can any one help me how to desighn a VC in photoshop plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Lu Hulse

    I was looking for something like this, thanks!

  • ali

    great was useful

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    hi are you on CardsApp? how can I subscribe? do you use your own app? thank u

  • Hemel Porosh

    hey thanks Matt, I’m very thankfull with you ,i did try to the way that
    you tell me but still didn’t work,but let me tell you one more thing. Free PSD file Download, Graphic Design, Photoshop tutorials

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    I love the idea on this topic!

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    Hmm. Nice.

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