WordPress Theme of the Month: Gridlock

Well, you WordPress users out there have a tough job when it comes to finding the good themes. Sure, you can make your own, but what if you don’t have the expertise (or you’re too lazy). So, I’ll be trying to point you towards some of the better ones in the coming months.

This month’s theme is Gridlock, by Hyalineskies.

Gridlock is a slick, magazine-style theme with an interesting history. As the author put it:

“Back when Gridlock was first released, very few blogs were running themselves as magazine-style, where different posts were displayed on the main page in an order other than a chronological list. Now, a webzine-style hierarchy is the trend. Gridlock offers a primary category and a secondary category setup for your posts; with this type of setup, you can give your readers their favourite content and have space left over for your personal things, all on the same page. Of course, you can always run Gridlock in standard mode with a traditional chronological order. If you want tradition, though, there are plenty of other WordPress themes out there.”

Sound good? Give it a test run if you’re in the market for a new theme.