Apple’s New Layout

Apple’s sure been busy lately. They released a beta of Safari for Windows, they showed off a nearly finished Leopard OS at WWDC, and they even redesigned their website. How is one company capable of all that? Amazing. I could turn this into a big rant about how cool the new Leopard OS looks, but I did that over at Infinitech. Take a look at that cool new design. Gone are those cool white, er Apple-like, tabs. In their place they have a gray, almost metallic, navigation bar with a similar design style to the old tabs. The home button consists of a solitary Apple logo, as did the old design’s. A Spotlight-style search box has been added in navbar even. The new navigation sort of reminds me of the toolbar that floats at the top of a Mac’s screen, I’m guessing they were intending that.

I’m guessing the Apple webmasters (AppleMasters? Hmm… That sounds Star Wars like…) got tired of updating the old table-based navbar. The new layout was done with CSS this time around, for reasons unknown.

Apple’s still using their trademark “large image” method on their main page, which looks really cool with the current Leopard image.

All in all, the design is pretty close to the old one. The main difference is the navigation bar’s new look. I like the way both of the designs look, and I’m not picky which one they’re using.