Design Spotlight: June 17, 2007 (Ars Technica)

Welcome to Design Spotlight. What’s Design Spotlight? I’ve decided to highlight sites with cool designs once in a while. Inspire yourself. Today we have Ars Technica.

Ars Technica is one of the biggest Tech News sites on the web. If one of their posts gets submitted to Digg, it’s sure to get at least a hundred diggs.

In addition to their great content, they have a stunning design. Have you ever seen a site that looks like it? I don’t think so. I wonder who their designer is.

Highly graphic-heavy, you wouldn’t guess that it’s a CSS layout? It looks a bit table-like doesn’t it? My favorite part is the eye-catching header, with it’s nicely integrated navigational tabs.

Look at the design carefully. There’s a screengrab below, but you’ll get the full effect better by visiting