The 7 Common Types of Blog Posts

So, you need some ideas for blog posts do you? You’ve come to the right place! Below are some of the most common types of posts seen on blogs these days. Take a look, maybe you’ll get some ideas for posts for your blog.

  • The List Post: List posts are probably the most common type of blog post. Why? Their easy to write, users find them easy to read, and their cool. Wouldn’t you want to read a post called “97 Different Ways to East Spam”? Er… Okay, maybe not that post exactly. My point is that web users (and just as importantly, Digg users) like titles with large numbers in them. If you have a big list, they will come. Take Smashing Magazine for example. They specialize in smashing you with large lists. Two to four times a month, they post a huge list post like 83 Beautiful WordPress Themes You (Probably) Haven’t Seen. What happens? The posts always get at least 100 diggs.
  • Tutorial “How-To” Posts: How do you screw in a lightbulb? Try writing a tutorial! Well, maybe lightbulb-screwing isn’t the best topic…but you get the idea. If you write a post like Creating A Business Card in Photoshop (I Wrote that!), you’re likely to get a significant amount of visitors from it (if it’s fairly unique). That business card tutorial I wrote is the most popular page on that blog…even higher than the index page! Tutorial posts have an added bonus: You can submit them to tutorial sites like Tutorialized or Good-Tutorials.
  • Review Posts: Read any good books lately? You could write a review about that great book PHP Hacks and post it on your Web Development blog.
  • Rants: Fed up with Windows? Rant about it! John Dvorak of PC Magazine does is all the time. Sure, plenty of people ccan’t stand his column most of the time, but there are even more people who don’t just read his columns, but watch his VidCast CrankyGeeks. On my personal blog, I tend to rant a bit subconsciously. Too much exposure to Dvorak when I read PC Magazine I guess…
  • Interviews: Well, professional writers do it all the time. Why can’t you? If you know someone who’s worth interviewing, go ahead and do it.
  • News: What’s going on in The World of [Insert Blog Topic Here]? News posts may be even more common than list posts.
  • Editorials: I changed my mind. List posts aren’t the most common type of blog post. Editorials are! I’ll bet you write them all the time without knowing it. They’re like news posts, but laced with opinions. Okay, fine, look at the dictionary definition if you wish.