BlogBuzz July 2, 2007

Welcome to BlogBuzz! I’ve decided to start doing some speedlinking on Webmaster-Source now and then, so…

  • iPhone Launched, 500,000 sold. Despite constant jabs about it not being a total hit, selling out like the Wii or iPod Nano, Apple’s ahead of Mr. Jobs’ predictions. Who cares? It’s still a cool (and pricey) product. I’m waiting for the phoneless-iphone. Apple: Please make an iThing that’s like an iPhone, but without the phone.
  • Google: the ISP? Could that mean cheap broadband and @#^#$-less phone contracts?
  • MyNT: The Social Feed Reader. Gotta plug my latest creation. :) I got tired of looking for a good web-bases RSS aggregator, so I made my own. My feed collection outgrew Firefox’s Live Bookmarks, and I wanted a way to access my feeds from other computers.
  • ProBlogger Darren Rowse on RSS-to-Email services: Unfortunately, not everyone uses RSS. I agree that it’s a good idea to offer email updates. I use FeedBurner’s RSS-to-Email thing, since I already use FeedBurner. Can Darren convince me to switch to another service for email updates? We’ll see.
  • Smashing Magazine smashes you with WordPress plugins: Of course I had to give them my two dollars two cents. As you can see by looking at the comments, I was the first to submit a list of plugins. Yeah, first comment! :)
  • According to AlexKing, the iPhone works without AT&T’s service, though without the phone and web features. No thanks, I wouldn’t pay $500 for a widescreen iPod. Now, if you could use the iPhone (with the most important part: mobile web access) as a pre-payed phone, then I’d be interested.
  • Matt W.

    Re: Alex’s post, actually he’s saying that it continues to work as an iPod and as a WiFi web device (so webpages still work for instance). So it’s a decent way for him to develop for it without having to pay a service contract.

  • Matt

    Ah, okay. My mistake But still, I rather like the idea of being able to surf the web virtually anywhere.