Webmaster Articles Blog Carnival – July 18, 2007 Edition

Welcome to the July 18, 2007 edition of the Webmaster Articles blog carnival. You may notice that we’re publishing a little early, but are you complaining? We’ve got a nice collection of articles this time around, so let’s get started.


Cade Krueger of Write to Right presents Outsource Your Email Lists Please!, a post explaining the advantages of having someone else host your email newsletters.

James Mitchell of FocusMinded.com presents How to Make Web Design Good Table Conversation, saying “Business networking is vital to the growth of any web design company. Learning how to make web design good table conversation can make the difference.”

Madeleine Begun Kane of Mad Kane’s Humor Blog presents Victory in My Battle Against Feed Scraping Content Thief 4Comedy.com. I recommend reading this. Feed scraping blogs are becoming increasingly common, and I believe it’s safe to say that most bloggers don’t like them.

John Lampard of Disassociated.com presents Syndication, an interesting article about John’s move to WordPress after five years of doing everything by hand.

Beno Varghese of BenoVarghese.com presents Listen to your PDFs. Ever wanted to listen to PDF files? Hmm…. You could listen to an ebook from across the room while eating lunch.

Matt Harzewski of Redwall_hp presents Tutorial: Creating a Business Card in Photoshop. Don’t pay a premium for extra business cards you’ll never use. Make them yourself. All you need is Photoshop, a printer, and some card stock (available at most office supply stores).

Raj of MT Herald Dot Com presents Top ten ways to annoy your website visitors. Yeah, “pop-up ads” has the number one spot!

R. Pettinger of Net Writing presents Google and Over Optimization Penalties. Yes, Google can be unfair at times (a lot). They need to rethink some of their policies.


Nancy Hayssen of The Next Internet Millionaire presents 3 Ways to Succeed Making Money Online. Is that a cool blog name or what? “The Next Internet Millionaire.”


Rob of Easy Web Business Models presents Adding Value With Web Design – The Diminishing Returns to Perfection. This is a problem many designers have. Too many non-designers don’t seem to realize the importance of design.


Haris of Haris.tv presents Setup your WordPress Blog with FeedBurner. If you’re confused as to how to setup Feedburner with your WordPress blog, this is definitely worth a look. Hand the URL out to other newbie bloggers you know.

Raj of MT Herald Dot Com presents Search Engine Optimization Tips For Bloggers. Also read R.Pettinger’s Google and Over Optimizatin Penalties.

Ant of The Beef Jerky Blog presents 3 Ways to Increase your Blog Stats. I propose a fourth: Read the aforementioned post. :)

That concludes this edition of the Webmaster Articles Blog Carnival. The next edition will be hosted by InfiniTech, so get your submissions in. If you’re interested in hosting the edition after, please contact me at matt [(.at.)] webmaster-source [.dot.] com.

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