Pageflakes Blizzard Release

Pageflakes has just released their new “Blizzard Release.” Still going head-to-head with their competitor (Netvibes), Pageflakes has been busy. The new build has not just caught-up with Netvibes, but it’s gone beyond it.

You can now customize the heck out of your Pageflakes pages, changing themes and creating your own. You can change pretty much any theme element…and even edit the CSS if you choose to. To top that off, you can make themes publicly available to other users.

Also introduced is the new Pagecasts feature. It’s sort of like the Netvibes Universes, but anyone can create one. See for yourself, here’s the NTugo Network pagecast. You just add a new page to your Pageflakes account, add some content, choose or create a theme, and choose the “Make Pagecast” option.

Take a look at Pageflakes’s updates. Even if you use Netvibes, you may consider switching. The speed on Pageflakes seems to have increased significantly, and with all these new features…

Personally, I don’t really use either. I read my feeds with MyNT, and I don’t have much need for most of their features. I use Yahoo Widgets, and that offers most of what the web-based thingies do.

  • V. Neely

    I had never heard of Pageflakes before reading this, but even after doing a little more research, all I can think of is… why did they decide to call it “Pageflakes”? It makes me thing of the web equivalent of cereal or dandruff. The name alone makes me a little hesitant to use it.

  • Matt

    Yes, it reminds me of cereal as well. Maybe they’re trying to say that you should visit your Pageflakes page while eating breakfast? :)

    Actually, I think it has to do with snowflakes. They have small snowflakes falling inside the “customize this page” button.