BlogBuzz July 30, 2007

  • Tired of WordPress’s default login screen? Try out this cool plugin. It allows you to substitute your own images and style sheet for the WordPress default. Now if only it would let you replace the entire wp-login.php file…
  • We all know that WordPress works well as a CMS for a magazine-type site. Well, there’s a tutorial up now. Learn how to build a blog that looks like a magazine.
  • Can you believe those iPhone skeptics? The iThing outsells the Motorolla RAZR, and everyone’s complaining that it didn’t sell more. The iPhone is a revolutionary product. Really, everyone’s going nuts about it. The webhost Media Temple is offering an iPhone-ready version of it’s AccountCenter for crying out loud!
  • Continuing with more WordPress stuff, Mashable has a list of “50+ Tools For The WordPress Admin.” The operation of you blog revolves around that back end interface; make it more useful.
  • Hell froze over; Dvorak’s using a mac…and he likes it. Dvorak likes his new mac…and he’s the guy who complains about everything (especially Apple and Microsoft).
  • Microsoft’s at it again…. Hotmail’s been blocking emails about Linux. More idiocy from Microsoft. Did you know that they used to block emails from GMail users?
  • V. Neely

    Microsoft blocking emails from Gmail and emails about Linux? I guess that shouldn’t surprise me, but sheesh. What a stinky thing to do. Glad I don’t use Hotmail.

  • Matt

    I don’t think they’re still blocking GMail messages, though they were a couple of years back. I’m twice as glad that I don’t use Hotmail now. I used to several years back, but I slowly moved more to Yahoo then to the setup I use now. Currently I have an overabundance of email accounts. I have

    1. a personal GMail account (GMail rules!)
    2. a GMail for your domain account for one of my sites’ domain email.
    3. a couple of accounts on NTugo Mail ( – I run NTugo by the way.
    4. a account that mainly just forwards to my GMail account (though I sometimes check it with Mozilla Thunderbird if I can’t wait for it to forward to GMail).

    Surprisingly, I’m able to go through my email accounts in under 10 minutes in the mornings.

  • AskApache

    Hey try the AskApache Password Protect Plugin… adds some serious password protection to your wp-admin directory.


  • Matt

    That’s cool! I’ve never thought of using htaccess protection for the wp-admin folder.