BlogBuzz August 4, 2007

  • 30+ Plugins for WordPress Comments: Stop spam, encourage commenting, add avatars, add a Rich-Text comment form, and more. Yet another Mashable post.
  • If you’ve got an iPhone, beware of PDF spam. You know how exorbitant AT&T’s charges for data traffic are…
  • You’ve got an Amazon Associates account, don’t you? What blogger doesn’t? North X East has a new post on making more money off those affiliate links. Now, if only there was an easier way to place the links in your posts…
  • Some people (not me) don’t like using their blog’s web-based post editor any more than they have to. There are a few desktop clients to get around this, but which one is for you? Nutshell Journal recommends Qumana, and has a review up.
  • Problogger Darren Rowse is at it again. 31 Days to Building a Better Blog – 2007.
  • Microsoft HD Photo considered for standardization by JPEG Committee. No, you do not want to standardize any more Microsoft products. Are they mad? I agree with bradym80’s comment on Digg. Microshaft’s going to make MSHDP hell for anyone not using the latest version of Windows, and Internet Explorer. By now you know that Firefox rules, and I’m tired of Windows.
  • Google’s getting serious with their plans to become a cellphone/internet service provider. They’ve got a couple of “gPhone” prototypes in the works.
  • PC Users: There’s some more nasty malware (what else is new?). W32.Deletemusic deletes all your MP3 files. Nice. My question: Does it delete WMAs or AACs? :) Despite not liking Microsoft, I admit to using WMAs because a 64k WMA seems to be about the same quality as a 128k MP3. The files are noticeably smaller, and my MP3/WMA player only has a gigabyte of storage.
  • Microsoft is combating piracy in China by reducing the cost of Windows. What the heck? The article states that they’re lower the prices by 50%. Why can’t they do that here too? We all know that they’re making huge profits off us. Seriously, they’re lowering their rates in China, and they’re still making a substantial profit off the sales. Don’t tell me that Microsoft has to charge $250 for Vista. The problem with monopolies is they can charge whatever the hell they want.
  • V. Neely

    North X East looks like a great resource. Unfortunately their links don’t appear to be working right now (something wrong on their end), but I was able to access the latest articles by subscribing to the feed…

    Thanks for the link! :)

  • Matt

    Yeah, I’ve been reading North X East for a couple of months now. They’re pretty good. The links just stopped working today (I’m guessing they were changing permalink settings). They’ve fixed it now by the way.