BlogBuzz August 7, 2007

  • Not to be outdone my Yahoo and Microsoft, Google is working on a mashup editor. Personally, I prefer using good old PHP code and the SimplePie library. With SimplePie, it’s fairly easy to mash together a few RSS feeds into one, though you can do it through dragging and dropping if you use Yahoo Pipes. These mashup editors are great for newbies, but they seem to be lacking in capabilities. Yahoo Pipes is fun, though it’ll never match the power of RSS and SimplePie. If you do the coding yourself, you’ll be able to do virtually anything, while Pipes users will be stuck playing with Yahoo’s pre-built functions.
  • AT&T CEO Randal Stephenson thinks people don’t want $10/month DSL. Uh, hello? No one wants dialup, and 768k is a heck of a lot better than 48k! In the middle of nowhere, I get “1MB” DSL (about 800k in reality) for about $45/month. What an idiot.
  • Have you been wondering why you’re only making $.50/month off your AdSense ads, though you get 5000 pageviews each month? Maybe you should read this post on optimizing your ads. All of the tips are basic things that you should definitely know about AdSense optimization.
  • ProBlogger: More Great Reader Blog Tips. A ton of reader-submitted tips for better blogging. There are quite a few good ones.
  • They’re gone now, but a “” had been distributing modified versions of WordPress themes. They would add a bit of PHP code that would, when the theme was installed, add-in some potentially malicious code.
  • “The story of Commodore and the Amiga was, by far, even more interesting than that of Apple or Microsoft. It is a tale of vision, of technical brilliance, dedication, and camaraderie. It is also a tale of deceit, of treachery, and of betrayal. It is a tale that has largely remained untold.” – Ars Technica‘s history of the commodore Amiga, part 1.
  • Before the iPhone was announced, people speculated about what an iPhone would look like. AppleGazette has a collection of 15 of the best ideas. Of course, none of them are as cool as the real iPhone. While you’re there, take a look at their History of the iMac.
  • All the blogs in the Technorati Top 20 list fail W3C validation. So what? The standards are too freakin’ strict, and you need to go through a ton of #@$%# for your pages to work in Internet Explorer (Firefox follows the standard correctly, but does IE? No…).
  • The Weblog Tools Collection 2007 Plugin Competition‘s results are in. There are some cool ones in there.
  • V. Neely

    Nobody wants $10 DSL… pfft, yeah. That’s funny.

  • Matt

    Next week, Bill Gates will say “Nobody wants operating systems that are under $300.” :D