Join The NTugo Network

Do you run a blog or website with interesting content? Would you like to gain a little more exposure, and help others do so as well? You could join the NTugo Network.

How does it work? To join, you must link to the Network page (linking guidelines available on the site), and then request inclusion in the Network. If you are accepted, you’re site (with link and RSS feed) will be added to the Network page. Also, your posts will appear on the page (and the NTugo home page) as well as in a feed of the most recent posts from the networked sites.

It’s free and kind of cool. This blog is a member of the Network, along with a few other sites.

  • Leonid Shalimov

    Thanks for the great link. I checked out the site and its really clean, I might just give it a go.

  • Zac Davis

    Very nice, thanks for the link, I’ll be submitting my blog to it.

  • Miracle

    Hey, I linked in from problogger after reading about your sidebar issues. I don’t think you have an overwhelming amount of sidebar clutter, and the red headers break it up nicely. It is also very close in length to your main text section, which doesn’t make one column seem extremely long. My only suggestion might be to switch whats on your horizontal menu for what is on your vertical sidebar menu. Get a good seo friendly drop-down menu for the different category tutorials, writings, and resources. Then on the left you can show a couple of your top posts, top sites, about/contact info. I hope that helped some

  • Matt

    Maybe I will move some of the stuff to a dropdown. I dunno.