Feedburner FeedSmith

WordPress users: Do you use Feedburner? If so, here’s something you may not know about:

By default, WordPress keeps the original RSS feeds it generates, and your Feedburner feed is a separate feed that coexists with it. Some people will accidentally subscribe to the plain feed instead of the Feedburner one, throwing the accuracy of your stats. How do you prevent that?

You use the FeedSmith plugin. It sets-up a redirect so anyone who accesses www.yourdomain.com/feed/ will be sent to your Feedburner feed instead.

One word of caution: If you install the FeedSmith plugin, make sure the feed listed in FeedBurner’s settings is your blog’s RSS 2.0 feed, otherwise some readers could run into compatibility issues (Feedburner can generate compatible 0.97, 1.0, and Atom feeds from an RSS 2.0 feed, but going the opposite direction can cause problems sometimes [like missing pubDate tags]).