Is Web Design An Art?

Is web design an art? I believe it is, and I’m prepared to vehemently defend my opinion. :P

Layout/logo design takes time, effort, and ability. Take a look at Ars Technica, Apple, The Leaky Cauldron, North X East, and ProBlogger. Notice their designs.

When designing, your goal is to create not just something functional, but to convey a message. Look at The design says “High tech,” “clean,” and several other things.

A few months back I wrote a post on logo design. Near the end it said “Logo design is an art, as is web design (or virtually anything with the word “design” in it…).” A Digg user said in response “no, design isn’t art. Art and design have mutually exclusive purposes. Thanks for playing.” Typical of Digg users, but whatever.

I want to know what everyone else thinks. Is design an art? Yes or no? Comment below, and feel free to explain your decision.

  • Mike B.

    I’d say it is.

  • WTH

    Well, web/logo design seems art-like to me. I dont kno what others think, but i think it is art.

  • James Mitchell

    As a web designer myself, I’d say that it certainly is an art. Web design is a whole lot more than just simply picking a template, plopping content into it and then publishing it for the world to see. Crafting a design, working on the user experience, and creating something that is professional & eye pleasing is hard work. It takes talent and is certainly art.

    Just a few pennies from my pocket.

  • No Way

    Wat? No. Design isnt art! What are you talking about? It’s like…labels on toothpaste tubes. Not art.

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  • Matt

    Cool. The score is currently 3 Yes, 1 No.

  • TechZilo

    Desing is surely art. They are mutually inclusive.

    If you are an artist, designing is fun and easy. Similarly, since the end products of design are artistic, art is design too :D

    Oh, wait. Now didnt you just tell that?

    PS: I saw your comment on Problogdesign, saying you’re 15, and do web-design and admin. Me too! Meet a compatriot ;)

  • Matt

    Cool, I’ve read your blog a little (and I’ve commented a little), but I haven’t subscribed to the feed or anything.

    Score: 4 Yes, 1 No.

  • minerva66

    All design is art. Some is more functional than others, but anytime the look is important (crafts, trades, images, engineering, etc) it is art. Since web design is so image-oriented, it is most definitely art.