BlogBuzz August 24, 2007

  • Michael from Pro Blog Design

    Hey Matt – Thanks for the link! :D

    I take it you approve of the Youtube ads then? I haven’t seen them yet, but they don’t sound bad at all. :)

  • Matt

    I’ve seen screenshots of the YouTube ads. I’d rather they didn’t add the ads, but I’ve been expecting it for quite awhile. It’s better than pre-rolls, so I suppose I’m fine with it.

  • Chris Lodge

    Cheers Matt :-)

    More great likes to read, no time for writing. But always time for Stumbling!

  • Chris Lodge

    Likes? Links even.

    Could we have the ‘edit comments’ plugin for sausage-fingered typists like me please?

  • Steven Snell

    Thanks for the link to my article 101 Ways to Monetize Your Website or Blog.

  • Matt

    I have been considering adding an ‘edit comments’ plugin. I’ll get one in as soon as I can.

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