Better Comments Manager for WordPress

Tired of managing your comments the hard way? WordPress’s comments manager isn’t as easy to use as it could be, and it takes up a lot of time if you check for new comments, then go over to the individual post pages to reply. There’s a better way.

The Better Comments Manager makes it easier for you to manage and reply to the endless comments posted on your blog. An entry for the manager is added to the WordPress admin, where you can approve/disprove comments, edit them, respond, etc. Definitely worth a look.

  • Marco

    Thanks for telling me about this interesting plugin. I don’t have many comments to manage, yet. But I hope it will change in the near future, so having this plugin at the ready is really helpful :)

    btw. which plugin are you using to offer that “edit comment” 15 mins counter option to your visitors? I’m just curious because I think it is something I may add to my blog sooner or later…

  • Matt

    I used this plugin for the AJAX comment editing:

  • Marco

    thanks! Much appreciated :)

  • Jake –

    This comment plugin is a great way to manage easier. I have installed it on one site and will do it on all of my sites that get a lot of comments.

    It will save a ton of time.

  • Matt

    Yeah, it’s saving me time already. I had some spam comments slip though my protections today, and I was able to delete them real quick with BCM.

  • promoocodes

    I used this plugin for the AJAX comment editing:

  • kuliner
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