Call For Submissions: The Coolest Web Designs on the Planet

What are your favorite websites (design-wise)? We all want to know.

Here’s how it works:

  • You submit the URLs of websites with cool designs via the contact form (or the post comments). Try to think up a few sites, and submit the URLs in one message (I’d prefer not to get 27 emails per person…).
  • After a week or so, the entire list of links (and image previews) will be posted in a Smashing Magazine-style post. So, I’d recommend using the contact form so as to avoid spoiling the anticipation. ;)

You may submit your own blog, but only if it’s a truly exceptional (and unique) design. So if you use Misty Look or No So Fresh, your site is definitely not eligible. :D

Submit any cool-looking site you’ve seen, and you’re own if it’s designed well. I’ll be adding a few designs to the mix, and exercising editorial control over the submissions (read: filtering out spam submissions). Have fun, and get your entries in (remember: submit them in one batch!).

  • MegaNerd

    Cool! I sent in my submission!

  • Marco

    I also sent in my submission. Can’t wait to see the final list :)

  • Matt

    I’m still compiling the list. It’s gonna be huge!

    Hopefully it will be out around mid-September.