BlogBuzz September 2, 2007

  • David Airey

    Many thanks for the mention, and amongst some superb blog company there too!

  • Rob Jones

    RE: “DMOZ has been a little corrupt lately. One of the editors just tried extorting $5000 from a site owner.”
    Anyone following that story also knows story is linkbait. The guy has yet to accept Dmoz staff’s offer to remove the editor if such an act happened at all… as soon as he supplied proof (which he had earlier said was forthcoming).
    Meanwhile the guy who started this self-promotional urban legend reaps the benefit of thousands of links to his site… as you just did.
    If you blindly accept even bizarre claims (Seriously, $5000 for a Dmoz listing?! Gimme a break.) it makes one wonder about the reliability of your other information.

  • Matt

    Oh…I missed that.