Cool and Creative Business Cards

Whether you’re designing a business card for yourself, or for your website, you have an opportunity to be creative. Don’t settle for a plain card with basic information.

I’ve basically assembled a list of lists (doesn’t that sound cheesy?). I’ve looked around the web for collections of cool business cards, and I’m putting them here in one place. Before we get to the fun part, however, I’m going to take this opportunity to plug a tutorial I wrote awhile back. Did you know that you can make your own business cards cheaply? You don’t need to pay a printer for 250 cards if you only need 30 at the time. With just a printer, Photoshop, and a paper cutter, you can make your own business cards. Okay, now that I’m done with that, here’s the list:

Make your own unique business card for your blog. There are plenty of things to do with it.

  • J. B. M.

    COOL! Those are great business cards. I like Woz’s. This one is real cool too:

  • Matt

    Woz’s has got to be expensive. The “Dreamten Studios” card you pointed out is one of my favorites as well, though it can’t be cheap either. FaveUp has some really good ones, though they’re less bizarre than some of the ones at CreativeBits.

  • David Neuman

    Business cards often provide a potential consumer with a first impression on you and your business. It is very important to make your card stand out in terms of creativity and professionalism. Having a card with raised printing might not seem to make much of a difference, but it does have a positive impact on how your client will view you and your business. Our company, Kendall Press, can make any type of business card that you desire (and will help you come up with an idea if you’re stuck) at low prices.

  • Matt

    That’s interesting. Raised printing does look pretty good, though personally I like the look of glossy-black business cards. With white, light gray, or green hues, they look really cool.

  • Mark

    I have seen these kind of awsome cards at

    The designs are crazy

  • James

    Yeah i have one. I got 500 and i swear people go crazy when you give them one

  • Matt

    Their website is insanely hard to navigate (they’re using frames!). Do you have any photos of their cards? I couldn’t find any previews on their site.

  • Rob were the guys responsible for manufacturing both the DreamTen cards and Steve Wozniak's metal business cards.

  • Jeff

    Really cool business cards. Too bad you can’t make steel business cards yourself on a regular printer at home :( But i guess if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative printing at home will have to do.