Accelerate Your WordPress Installation has just published a great tutorial on tweaking your WordPress installation to speed things up and consume less server resources. By implementing some of the recommended tweaks, you can maximize the amount of traffic you get per megabyte of bandwidth, saving money along the way. It’s definitely worth a look, especially if you have a high-traffic blog. I’m going to read through and tweak my installation soon, how about you? Take a look at 17 Tweaks to Accelerate your WP.

  • Marco

    One or two of the hints I’m already using, like the gzip compression. There are a couple I will add as soon as possible. The rest I can’t use because I don’t have a server, only a (good) webspace :(

    Thanks for pointing this one out though :)

  • Matt

    I don’t have a server either, though I’d like to. :D