BlogRush Defends Their Program

People have been bashing BlogRush for the past couple of days, because they haven’t yet delivered their promised “rush of traffic.”

After releasing statistics to their users, everyone started blogging about how they had x impressions of their headlines, but only a few clicks. Darren Rowse even. He’s had over 70,000 impresions, but only 35 clicks or so.

Well, BlogRush has just sent out an email to all of their users. If you’re not in the program, here are some excerpts.

” “My Click-Through Rates Are Really Low!”

Many of our members are reporting that they are
receiving low click-through rates on the impressions
for their blog post titles. This is due to multiple

1. Since blog post titles become the link text
that is shown inside the widget, it must well-written
in order to get maximum attention and therefore
maximum clicks.

Many of our users are posting blog titles like
the following, “Now I Can See Why People Love
This Laptop.” This is a very VAGUE title, and something
more effective would be, “12 Reasons Why
The MacBook Pro Is A Must-Have.”

When writing post titles it’s best to be SPECIFIC
about the topic you are discussing.

Quite a few of our members are experiencing
click-through rates that are 8-10 TIMES GREATER
than other members. These members with
higher click-through rates have the same
thing in common — better post titles. “


2. Our data is telling us that we need to add more
categories to help the widget deliver more relevant
content — which will only increase the click activity.
Some of our categories are too general in nature
and need to be expanded into more specific
areas. (We’re working on this right now.) “

” We ask that you have some PATIENCE and
let us work the problems out of our network
please. This is only the public BETA version
of our service and will only get BETTER. “

Well, I’m going to keep their widget on my blog, and we’ll see how they improve. My stats haven’t been great either, but I haven’t gotten much blogging in for the past few days.

  • Danny @ Blogs For Money

    I’ve been doing really well with them- I posted an earning chart on my site. I also found a neat way to get 4.5 times more traffic than usual (within their T&Cs!) :-)

  • Matt

    Not bad stats, but as for your “neat way to get 4.5 times more traffic than usual,” keep an eye on the ToS. Blogrush is starting to crack-down on things like that, and you’ll want to stop if they change the terms.