NorthXEast Up For Sale

The blog NorthXEast (which I read) is, unfortunately, up for sale. It’s a great blog, with a cool layout, and some strong stats. It has

  • 75,000+ unique visitors a month.
  • 103,000+ pageviews per month.
  • PageRank of 4
  • $175 current monthly revenue
  • 2000+ RSS subscribers, growing at a rate of 100 per week.
  • 33 Posts
  • Technorati Authority of 704 (rank of 4000)

The blog is listed for auction at SitePoint, and the bid has already reached $5,500. Unfortunately I don’t happen to have an extra $10,000 on hand. :D

NorthXEast is a great blog with an interesting style. I hope whomever buys it will

I’m one of those 2000+ RSS subscribers who wants NorthXEast to keep going as a great blog. So, if one of you bloggers has some extra cash, and feels up to the responsibility, how about buying NxE?