200th Post! Plus WordPress 2.3

Seeing as this is the 200th blog post on Webmaster-Source, I’m going to take this opportunity to fill you in on a little of WSC’s history.

I bought the domain www.webmaster-source.com about a year and a half ago, and put up a static website that consisted mainly of lists of links to other web-related websites (unsurprisingly, I’ve never had great PageRank :D ). Because of the difficulty of updating the site, there weren’t many new things added until June 2 2007. About a week prior to the second, I decided to turn WSC into a blog, as I’d gotten into blogging six months previously, and I wanted to make better use of the domain. So I started wok on a new design, and I started importing all of my old content into WordPress. By the second, I had everything up and ready.

Since the beginning, the main concept of Webmaster-Source hasn’t changed much. The site’s still about highlighting useful websites, teaching web/blog stuff, and occasionally bashing Firefox haters. :D

If you look at the blog sidebar, you’ll see that 95% of the categories are gone. That’s because I just upgraded to WordPress 2.3. I’m working on utilizing the new tag system, and cutting down on category clutter. I still have some work to do, and there’s an odd bug with the updated WordPress admin, but things are going smoothly.