Why Should You Start a Blog?

Do you know how to write? If you can write a few coherent paragraphs without misspelling 10%+ of the words, then yes, you can write. Have you considered starting a blog?

If you have something interesting to say, then you’ve got the basis for a blog.

Blogging is a great opportunity to get your thoughts/ideas/knowledge/experience out there for others to read. If you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions, then you should think about starting a blog.

  • Do you have a hobby you’re knowledgeable about?
  • Do you have a business? More and more businesses are adding blogs to their websites.
  • Is there some topic that your friends and family keep telling you stop talking about so much? Talk at people online instead!
  • Are you a photographer? You could showcase your recent shots with a photoblog.
  • Have you wished you had your own magazine or radio talk show? Then start a blog/webzine or a podcast.

If you have something interesting to say, then you’ve got the basis for a blog. If no one else has a blog about the subject, then you have even more reason to start one. Congratulations, you’ve found a niche market, providing you an opportunity to, with work and time, become the authority in the subject.

Starting a professional blog is easy and cheap. You can get a “.com” web address (domain name) for only $6/year. Reliable web hosting (with a free domain name included) can be had for as low as $3.99/month. If you’re interested, I’ve written a guide to starting a blog.

  • http://www.smallfuel.com/blog/ Mason Hipp

    As a business owner who added a blog to my website, I can attest to it being a great financial move.

    Blogs can generate a huge amount of traffic and can literally make a business all by themselves.

    That said, it certainly isn’t a walk in the park to start a good blog (I’m still trying…)

    I wonder, do you think it’s easier to promote a professional blog or a personal blog?

    – Mason

    p.s. your 15 minute comment editing window is sweet

  • http://www.hostingnote.com Carlyle Brando

    I think it is easier to promote a personal blog. Blog with personal touch seems to have more popularity.

  • http://www.webmaster-source.com Matt

    I think it’s easiest (not “easy” though! There’s plenty of work involved.) to promote a niche topic blog, like this blog, NorthXEast, or ProBlogger. I’m not sure about the ease of promoting a business blog, because I’ve never run one (yet, anyway).

    By the way, I used the AJAX Edit Comments plugin to add the 15-minute edit feature, in case you’re wondering.