BlogRush Stats: Are They Improving…Or Are They Rigged?

BlogRush has put up a “temporary stats” system on their dashboard, as the normal one with all of the graphs is “currently unavailable.”

It’s showing, for Webmaster-Source, the following:

Credits Earned Today: 363
Credits Earned Last 7 Days: 1,957

Your Traffic Today: 363
Your Traffic Last 7 Days 1,957

There’s something funny about those numbers. Somehow I doubt that someone clicked-through every time one of my headlines was displayed. Are these stats rigged, merely inaccurate, or do I have the best clickthrough rate ever?

Edit: Oops. Hehe, Darren Rowse of clarified this for me. It seems that BlogRush isn’t reporting clicks at all, but it’s basically reporting the amount of credits earned.