The Coolest Web Designs On The Planet

After soliciting submissions, haunting design galleries, and looking through my bookmarks, I have put together this collection of cool web designs. I may not have all of the coolest web designs on the plane Earth, but I’ve collected all the coolest ones on my planet. :D

Without further ado, here are The Coolest Web Designs On The Planet.

  • John W. Furst

    Really, a nice collection. Many of them share a typical Blog setup, which is not too bad, because people are getting used to it more easily, if the same functionality is shared across sites. Your post makes me think, if I shouldn’t finally come up with a nice header graphic for my blog. There is none right now. Thanks for reminding me. –John

  • Michael from Pro Blog Design

    Great list Matt, and thanks for including Pro Blog Design. I love how you’ve put all the images next to each other, without any breaks. It was more fun to scroll through. :D

  • Marco

    I fully agree with Michael…and I’m of course very happy to see on the list. I consider it a kick into my lazy busy butt to start writing articles again…which I just did a few minutes ago :)

    John – I had a short look at your site, maybe you make a text logo based on your favicon? I believe it would work out well with the overall layout :) Oh…one thing…that subscription pop-up is annoying, in my opinion…

  • Matt

    John: It’s good that people are getting used to the “standard” blog setup. That means people are getting more used to blogs. Yeah, you could use some sort of logo in your header. Don’t rush it though! Think it through a bit.

    Michael: I got the idea for the list style from Smashing Magazine. I just thought I’d see how well it would work if I only put the images in (no site titles, descriptions, etc) with only a little space. Glad you like it.

    Marco: Rueclick has a great header. I’ve tried the “floating code” effect you did before, but I’ve never gotten it totally right. Great job with the header, it’s the most unique part of your site, in my opinion.

  • Marco

    Matt: It took me some time to get it look the way it is now. I believe not every color can be used for this effect and I’m very proud about myself that I managed to pick a color which works and that I got the effect done that good…sometimes I’m amazing myself ;)

  • Matt

    It’s a great header, as I’ve said before.

  • John W. Furst

    Thanks for your tips. Finally I have come up with a simple header. –John

  • Marco

    John, just an idea…can you remove that “Sign Up To Receive
    Our E-Biz Newsletter” floating “ad”? imho it is a bit annoying…

    aside that your header fits perfectly to your page :)

  • Matt

    It looks a lot better with the new header background. Don’t ever underestimate the power of a simple design tweak.

  • phil

    Hey there,

    Thanks for including the spike productions site in your list! I’ve just been tasked with keeping it up to date so please feel free to keep checking back.



  • Webmaster tools

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  • Rachel Goldstein

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  • Mike

    Dont forget as a decent web design layout :)