Save Your Blog Post Ideas!

Don’t you just hate it when you have a great idea for a blog post, but by the next day you’ve forgotten it? Don’t deny it, it happens. Just yesterday I had not one, but two great ideas for posts. Do I remember either of them today? Nope.

Usually, I don’t have to worry about not having anything to blog. I keep a notebook with everything I think-up that’s in anyway connected to my blog. I keep track of every post idea I think of, so I have plenty of choices should I find a lack of inspiration when I go to write my next post. When I think of something that would make a good post, I make a note of it.

Every day when I write something new, I don’t normally have to think much. If I don’t find fresh inspiration from my morning RSS reader check, I grab my blog notebook and look for something.

So why didn’t I write-down my ideas from the other day? I was at the bowling alley. My large multi-subject notebook was a home, and I didn’t have my pocket-sized one with me like I usually do.

Ideas always arrive at the worst possible times, be prepared. Get a pocket-sized notepad for when you’re away from your “blogging headquarters,” and get a multi-subject notebook to keep track of everything.

Combat blogger’s block, get a blog notebook.

  • PromoGuy

    I’d recommend Jott. Call them, leave a voicemail, they send you an email with your comment.

    You can even set up certain blogs to accept the Jott email as a blog post.

    Never lose an idea again!

  • Matt

    Pretty cool ( Some of you may find that useful, but I don’t have a cellphone, so I still use my low-tech methods. :D