How to Move Content to a New Blog

Imagine this scenario: You have a personal, and somewhat random, blog that you write on for about six months, then you decide that you want to start a new blog on a specific topic instead (or in addition to) so all those people don’t have to weed through descriptions of your lunch so they can find the secret to beating level 29 in Donkey Kong 73. So you decide to start a gaming blog. The only thing is, what if you want to put some of your better content on the new blog instead? Google doesn’t like it when you re-post something on a different domain.

I ran into this problem myself. I’d, for about 6-7 months, been blogging at Eventually I decided to start blogging here instead, so I revamped this site into a blog. Then I launched NTugo. I was quickly out of time for my old blog. I’d mainly posted computer stuff on there anyway, so Webmaster-Source and the NTugo blogs covered me fine.

My solution was to weed through my old blog and find some of its best content. I then copied and pasted from the old blog’s post editor into Webmaster-Source and InfiniTech. To avoid having duplicate content, I set-up 301 redirects in the old blog’s .htaccess file. If someone tries to access my tutorial on making business cards at from the permalink on the old blog, they bounce over to here. While I was making those changes, I also moved the blog from it’s subdomain at to so I could use for other things.

So, here’s the .htaccess file from the blog:

#Activate the Rewriting Engine
RewriteEngine On

Redirect permanent /2007/04/18/tutorial-create-a-business-card-in-photoshop/
Redirect permanent /2007/04/18/tutorial-create-a-business-card-in-photoshop
Redirect permanent /oldblog/2007/04/18/tutorial-create-a-business-card-in-photoshop/
Redirect permanent /oldblog/2007/04/18/tutorial-create-a-business-card-in-photoshop


# BEGIN Old WordPress Redirect
<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule . /oldblog/index.php [L]
# END Old WordPress Redirect

The Redirect permanent lines are to redirect the business card tutorial. The first two lines cover the redirection if accessed through the original permalink (with and without a trailing slash). The second two lines cover the redirection if it’s accessed through the /oldblog/ permalink. There are several more lines like these for different posts.

  • Sids

    Very useful guideline. It must be helpful for bloggers who want to move their WP Blogs.

  • Matt

    Well, I hope others will find it useful…otherwise that was a waste of 20 minutes writing this. :D

    I’m sure there are some bloggers who will find it helpful.