Coming Soon: The Webmaster-Source Podcast

EDIT: The contest has ended. Results.

I’ve been searching around various podcast directories (including the “official” on in iTunes). I’ve noticed a lack of Blogging/Webmaster podcasts, and I’ve decided to start one here on Webmaster-Source.

I’m getting close to recording a pilot episode, though there are a few things I need first.

  1. A name for the podcast.
  2. A blogger willing to give an interview through Skype (or talk about some blogging-related subject).

I haven’t come up with many ideas for the podcast’s name yet, and if you have any ideas please post them here.

As for the other point on the list, I haven’t had too much luck there. I’m looking for a blogger who’s had a bit of success in his or her area, and is willing to talk about their blog, and share some advice. If no one’s interested being interviewed, then I’d be willing to accept someone who wants to talk about a random blogging-related topic instead.

So, here’s the deal: Whoever thinks-up the best name for the Webmaster-Source podcast will get a 486×60 banner for their site placed on the Webmaster-Source homepage for 30 days (subject to approval).

Also, if you want to be in the pilot episode for the podcast, please let me know.

Contact: Leave a comment, or email me at matt {at} webmaster-source [dot] com.

EDIT #1: Some updates on the naming contest.

  • Marco

    no idea for a name, but I’d be up for an interview or talking about a random blogging-topic. I have no idea for the topic though, so I leave it to you ;)

    Drop me a mail if you want to have a German guy “on-air” :)

  • Matt

    OK, I’ll keep you in mind for the discussion. I’d still like to get a few options, and I’ll probably end up having numerous guests over various episodes. I’ll ad you to my mental “list”.

  • Michael from Pro Blog Design

    Can’t wait to hear this Matt. :D (And I wish I was more creative with names now… xD )

  • Matt

    Michael, Even if you’re not that “creative with names,” keep thinking. You could come-up with one when you least expect it. Anyway, even if a name doesn’t sound good to you, it could still be a good name.

    Also, I’d like to post a few updates about the contest:

    1. The banner size can be a maximum of 486×60 pixels.
    2. If I come up with a name (or I don’t like any of the submissions :D ), instead of picking someone else’s (it happens :D ), then one of the entrants’ will be randomly picked to have the banner slot.
    3. I’ve added a placeholder graphic on the homepage. That is the spot where the winner’s ad will appear.
    4. This contest will run until November 3, or thereabouts.
    5. You may submit more than one name suggestion.

    Okay everyone, keep your name ideas and requests to be in the podcast coming.

    Contact: Leave a comment, or email me at matt {at} webmaster-source [dot] com.

  • natman95

    How about BlogPod?

  • Matt

    Thanks for the name submission, natman95. Keep the ideas coming, everyone!

  • Imar

    I think “Webmaster-Cast” has a ring to it…

  • minerva66

    Not sure it sounds great, but I like Blogology. Since you are teaching/studying the art of blogging.

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