Gravatar: Globally Recognized Avatars

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have an avatar image, like you can have on a forum, that follows you around the web? With Gravatar you can. You just sign-up, upload an image, and assign it to your email address(es). From then on, your “Gravatar” will appear on any Gravatar-equipped blog you comment on.

Here’s how it works:

  • You register and set-up your Gravatar.
  • You go about your business online as usual.
  • If you comment on a Gravatar-equipped blog using one of the email addresses you added to your Gravatar acccount, your avatar will be automagically added next to your comment.

Is that cool, or what? Now that Automattic owns Gravatar, the service is getting even better. Features that previously required payment are now freely available to everyone. Now anyone can have “multiple e-mail addresses and more than 2 uploaded avatars to choose from.”

  • Adam

    I’ve actually created a Gravatar class if you click the link in my name. Loosely coupled and works like a dream – it also has a cache with an expiration date for the avatar – to save on loading times. It can merely load the avatar in locally.

    Adam @