Did Google Just Update Their PageRank?

I have a widget on my desktop that tells me what all my websites’ PageRanks are. I’m not obsessed with PageRank or anything (unlike some people), but it’s nice to be able to check at a glance.

Anyway, I was checking another widget a few minutes ago, and I had a bit of a surprise. All of my websites’ ranks went up. That’s right, they’ve all went up.

  • Webmaster-Source.com is now PageRank 3 (it was 1 previously)
  • SiteOfRequirement.com is now PageRank 4 (was 3)
  • NTugo.com is now PageRank 3 (was 1)

After seeing my new ranks, I went and checked some other sites.

  • ProBlogger.net: 6 (hadn’t it been lowered to 4 recently?)
  • SmashingMagazine.com: 6
  • Copyblogger.com: 7
  • EnGadget.com: 7
  • Amazon.com: still 9

So, what’s Google done this time? Did they update the toolbar PageRank? Did they update their algorithm? It seems that most of the sites that had been penalized recently have been restored to their prior ranks.

  • http://www.writingthoughts.com Laura


    My sites have been going up and down too. I had one reduced from a 3 to a 2, now up to a 4. One went from 0 to 4. But sadly, one went from 6 to 4 (maybe it will go up again too?).

    Obviously, they aren’t done with what they’re doing. I’m just going to hang tight and wait it out. (Hopefully I won’t drop any more.)

  • http://www.webmaster-source.com Matt

    My sites have had solid values for quite some time, but they just changed all of a sudden. I’ve noticed other sites seem to be hopping around rank-wise, but I think things are settling now, possibly. Well, I hope they are, anyway. :D

  • http://www.stylishlabs.com Lia Van Tyssen

    Yes! Google has updated their pagerank, our domain is just about 2 months old and with the update reached a PageRank 3. That’s great ;)

  • http://www.webmaster-source.com Matt

    Well you’re doing pretty good. 150+ subscribers in 1-2 months is excellent!

    As for PageRank, this bears merit for research. Did Google make their algorithm a bit more fair, and weight it less towards older domains? I wonder what they’ve been up to. Congratulations on the quick blog growth, rank and subscriber-wise!

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