How Should You Implement Asides?




Whatever you want to call it, there are many ways to implement the idea. There are different methods of displaying the asides, and there are different methods code-wise of setting them up. Let’s take a look at both.

Styling Asides

“Asides” is a broad term.¬ I think it’s possible to separate them into two types. Type 1 asides act like the ones on Matt Mullenweg’s blog, which intersperse¬ regular posts within the loop. Type 2 asides are displayed separately from the main content, often in a sidebar.

Both types have their own advantages. Type 1 asides are easily noticeable, and are great for those (like Matt Mullenweg) who tend to take more of a “tumbleblog” approach, highlighting links more often than writing lengthy posts.

Type 2 asides are better for those who blog “normally,” but want to add asides as “additional content.” If you have plenty of room in your sidebar, then type 2 will work well. Personally, I think type 2 asides are the best option for most people.

Whichever method you choose, I highly recommend keeping your asides out of your main RSS feed. Normally I subscribe to a blog for it’s original content, not for it’s frequently added links. To me, asides are a bonus. I may check on them when I visit your blog, but I don’t want them in the feed.

Setting-Up Asides

I’ve separated these resources into two types, like mentioned above.

Of course you can come up with your own way of adding asides if you prefer.

Wait, There’s More…

There’s yet another way to implement asides. You could add a “static” page to your blog (use an url like or and put your asides there. Sort of like a blog within a blog. I’m sure you can figure out how to do this yourself (just take a look at the resources above).

  • Michael from Pro Blog Design

    Great. Lot’s of choices. Just what I needed to make the decision easier! xD

  • Matt

    “Just what I needed to make the decision easier.” :D
    Despite advocating DIY via categories and such, I went with this plugin for the sideblog on my main page.

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