And the Winner is…

Imar Krige of has won the podcast naming contest.

The name picked, however, was not Imar’s suggested “Webmaster-Cast” (though I also liked that name). Imar was chosen at random after I chose the name “BlogCast” for the upcoming podcast.

Imar was chosen at random from the people who submitted names. [the random winner was chosen with this code, if anyone cares: javascript:alert ( Math.floor ( Math.random ( ) * numberofcomments +1 ) ); ]

The first episode of BlogCast: The Podcast About Blogging and the Internet will be coming soon, though don’t pester me for a date as I still have a lot of work to do (recording mainly).

  • Imar

    Woohoo :) I am stoked to have won this battle, but I think we can all agree that random Javascript won the war.

  • Matt

    Congratulations on the win, Imar. I’ve emailed further instructions to you. I just need the banner and some other information, and I can put the banner up.