6 Time-Wasters For Webmasters

Need a break from your design work? Tired of writing? Have some fun for a change! With these resources you can play for as little or as much time as you want.

  1. Desktop Tower Defence – Build a maze of towers to keep the “Creeps” from crossing the board. Use the various types of towers to zap them before they can reach the other side.
  2. Tactics Arena – Wouldn’t chess be more fun if the pieces had special abilities and health?
  3. LineRider – Draw a path and send a stick figure on a sled down it. With practice you can draw jumps and loops to make it a bit more interesting. Oddly addictive.
  4. StumbleUpon – Okay, this isn’t exactly a game. While SU is great for promoting your blog, doesn’t your time vanish when you start clicking that “Stumble” button? :D
  5. FunCopter – Try to fly a virtual helicopter using only your left mouse button. How long until you crash?
  6. Bloxorz – Move the block across the board into the slot. Sound easy? It’s not.