Poll End: Is ShareThis 1.0 better than ShareThis 2.0?

The poll asking whether you like the new ShareThis 2.0 or ShareThis Classic, which is luckily still available to anyone who wants it, has ended.

There have been some interesting results:

43% said “What’s the difference?” Either a lot of people aren’t very observant, or they didn’t even bother to look before voting.

27% said they don’t care at all.

13% said ShareThis 2.0 is better.

16% said ShareThis Classic is better.

Personally, I like Classic better, but the new ShareThis 2.0 has some cool features. Plus, I like the fact that non-Wordpress users can easily add ShareThis to their site.

  • http://www.sharethis.com ShareThis Support

    Thanks for the poll!

    The new ShareThis plugin (2.0) gives your blog readers the ability to mash-up their friends lists from several web email sites, MySpace, Facebook, and AIM and send your posts to any of them, in addition to the social web sites supported in the classic Share This plugin. The new plugin also gives you the advantage of automatic updates to the widget interface when ShareThis adds new services and features.

    Thanks for your interest in ShareThis!

  • http://www.webmaster-source.com Matt

    No problem.

    However, I wonder if the results would have turned out differently if I worded the question more neutrally (e.g. “Which ShareThis plugin do you like better?”).