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Background Images and Subsites

Lately, I’ve been noticing websites that make use of varying background images for sections within the sites. Unfortunately, I’m having a little trouble thinking of many good examples right now. I’ve assembled a few below, but let me know if you have any to add.

The general idea, though, is the sites have a “main design,” but the background image assigned to the body tag changes throughout the site. For example, you have the design. When you go to the Lego Indiana Jones page, the body tag’s background-image changes. It adds a bit more visual interest, and makes the images and Flash animations blend-in with the main layout more.

Here are a few examples of such behavior. Send me some links if you know of some others.

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Technorati, Fix Your Outgoing Links!

Technorati, you’re a search engine for crying out loud! It’s very annoying to have to click-through an extra page to get to a result from a search. Yes, we know you’re trying to make gazillions off your ads, but why should we keep using…

Permalink Optimization

If you’re reading this, you probably know what a permalink is. This article is about optimizing your permalinks for both search engines and your readers. That said, do not change your permalink structure if you can help it. If you’re starting a new blog,…

BlogBuzz January 30, 2007

ScratchBack – Give a $1 Tip and Get a Link

I’m trying out a new service I found earlier today. It’s called ScratchBack, and it looks promising. You’ve probably seen sites that solicit tips through PayPal. Sure, it benefits the site and it’s owners, but what about all the people who donate? Wouldn’t it…

roScripts – Helping Programmers Program

roScripts is a blog/forum/Digg-for-scripts. Their “articles” section has several categories worth of coding tutorials (PHP, Flash, AJAX, HTML, etc). Then they have the “scripts” section, where you can easily find pre-made scripts to suit your purposes. The interesting part, though, is that they’re sorted…

Has Your Site Been “Hacked”? Recovering From Cyber Vandalism

Generally I prefer to avoid using the term “hack” in the way most people use it. However, I will, for the duration of this post, use the term in the way the average non-geek would use it. In short, I will use the term…

WP Super Cache: Editing Templates

I’ve been enjoying WP Super Cache, which has made my blog run quite fast since installing the plugin. My only major complain left is that it makes it harder to make edits to my template. When I make an edit, and refresh the page,…

Start of Year Maintenance

It’s almost 2008. Too bad, I like the sound of “2007.” When the new year starts, you’ve got some work to do. You need to clean-up your blog, fix things that have broken over the year, and get ready for another year of blogging.…

Going 1152

I just changed my screen resolution to 1152×864 (up from 1024×768). I like the extra space, though the font sizes need a little tweaking. I’ll keep the resolution like this for about a week, and see how I like it.

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