Start of Year Maintenance

It’s almost 2008. Too bad, I like the sound of “2007.”

When the new year starts, you’ve got some work to do. You need to clean-up your blog, fix things that have broken over the year, and get ready for another year of blogging.

  • Change the dates on your copyright notice.
  • Go through old posts. Look for dead links, broken images, and other things that may need a quick update. While you’re at it, keep an eye out for posts you could expand upon.
  • Check browser compatibility. As you’ve updated things in your template, you may have made your blog look horrible in certain browsers.
  • Evaluate your design. How long has it been since your last redesign? How is the current one holding up? Is there anything that needs a little tweaking?
  • Publish a “Best of” post. Highlight your best posts of the last year.
  • Update things that have changed. Does your about page say something like “I have been blogging for two years?” You’d better update that!
  • What have you been putting off?

Those are my suggestions. I’m sure you can find plenty more things to fix. Feel free to share your plans in the comments.