How Do You Use Social Bookmarking Sites?

How do you use voting-based social bookmarking sites (like Digg, Reddit, Design Float)? Do you just subscribe to RSS feeds, and see what others like? Do you just vote occasionally?

I’ve been wondering about this lately, as well as complaining about the way that Digg is mainly about who you know. Complaints aside, Digg (and other social bookmarking sites) are a great way to find interesting things online (and have your posts be found as well).

Vote in the poll below, or feel free to leave a more detailed response in the comments.

Update: By “social bookmarking sites,” I am referring to sites like Digg and Reddit. Maybe “social news sites” would be a better term., a service that focuses on actually bookmarking things, doesn’t really fit-in with the poll.

By the way, I mainly “lurk.” I subscribe to the sites’ RSS feeds and read entries. If I really like something, I may login and vote, but not always. I tend to not do much submitting, since the first thing I think to do (when I find something interesting online) is to link to it. :D

  • Jake

    Well, I kind of had trouble answering this poll. I often use, but I mostly use it for my own bookmarks. Despite being what I think of as a social bookmarking site more than anything, the poll options don’t exactly go with it.

  • Matt

    I, too, use and I realize that doesn’t really fit with the poll. The poll relates to sites like Digg and Reddit more (voting-style social news sites). I’ll update the post to put more distinction between the two.