5 Places to Find Free Photos For Your Blog

Need some images to make your posts more interesting? You need stock photos.

A stock photo is a royalty-free image sold or given away for free that can be used in things like flyers, brochures, and of course websites. Have you ever seen the same photo used in more than one place (for example, I’ve seen the same image of people watching TV in more than one satellite company’s ad)? Chances are, it’s a stock photo. Paid stock photos are frequently being used as book covers even (generally with some adjustments in Photoshop).

Obviously you don’t want to buy stock photos for use on your blog, as that could quickly get expensive (iStockPhoto may be cheap, but those $1 images stack-up pretty fast…). There are plenty of places to get totally free images for use on your blog. Here are a five sources that you may find useful: