The Secret to Making Money With AdSense

Do you know how Google AdSense picks the ads that show on your site? It’s done through an automated auction process.

AdSense’s robot scans your page for keywords, then it queries it’s database for advertisers that match the keywords. Next, the auction begins. The advertisers one-up each other until one of them wins the auction. Obviously, you’ll have better results if there are more advertisers, as you’ll end up with a higher payout as the advertisers try to outbid each other. If there’s only one advertiser interested in the keywords Google finds, then they’ll put-out their minimum bid (like one cent) and win. Thus, you’ll make pretty much nothing.

Content is the secret. Write well, and write often. Also, the topics you write about will be a major factor in your earnings. Your site’s topic directly affects the keywords Google will find in your articles. So, AdSense isn’t for every site.

Also note that your site’s audience must be the sort of people who click ads. That’s partly why I haven’t had great success with AdSense.