Design Spotlight: Goes Web 2.0

The Apple Addicts over at, the website for the popular Macintosh magazine, have been busy redesigning their site. And it really needed a redesign.

Let’s start with the header. Here’s what the new header looks like:

Note that the logo says “BETA” next to it now. :D The horizontal navigation is similar to that of, though with a bit of a twist. Overall, the header looks pretty good.

Down the page a bit, they’ve got a cool tabbed box with highlighted content.

The “Top User Rated” section adds a bit of a community aspect, in a Digg-like manner. It’s a nice touch, though it might be cooler if it was the default tab, rather than the “Top Stories.” I doubt Macworld would want to make that change, though.

There’s plenty of content packed onto the homepage, perhaps too much. It’s not too crowded though. The sections are layed-out well, and it’s fairly easy to find what you’re looking for.

The new design looks pretty good. Take a look at the full design by visiting, and if you want to compare it to the previous design, head over to the Wayback Machine.