Poll: How Do You Like Your Feeds?

I used to use Firefox’s Live Bookmarks. It was a great way to read RSS feeds, or it was until my feed collection got too big. Now I use MyNT, which works in a similar manner. When you read feeds in MyNT, you middle-click items to open the post in a new tab (like using Live Bookmarks). That’s how I read my RSS feeds.

There are masses of RSS-users who like to read entire blog posts in their reader, though some like summaries better.

So… What group are you in? Are you a full-feed-fanatic, a Live Bookmarks/MyNT maniac, or do you prefer summaries?

  • http://www.ruelicke.net/ Marco Ruelicke.net

    I prefer to see the full feed although I only scan through the text, looking for any keywords which may catch my interest. If there is anything interesting, I visit the site itself in case I’d like to write a comment right after reading it.

    As for the feed reader, I’m currently using Google Reader, but maybe I switch to NTugo as I got an account there but didn’t use it much so far :)

    P.S.: I don’t like your poll system…I can keep on voting again and again :S

  • http://www.webmaster-source.com Matt

    I know you can keep voting again and again. I can set it otherwise, though I don’t see much point. After all, you can just clear your cookies and vote again if I set it otherwise. IP logging isn’t too great of a solution either. I trust that none of you actually want to vote again…? :D

    I’m generally in the “I don’t care, I use MyNT” camp. However, I’m trying an experiment. For a week, I’m using the now free FeedDemon to read my feeds. I’m trying to see what I need to add in MyNT 2.0, as well as checking to see how fast I can read my feeds. I’ll make a chart after I’m done experimenting.

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